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Ravens should utilize RT Austin Howard in the passing game

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

He’s big, he’s tall, and he’s already out on the edge of the play, now it’s time to incorporate him into the passing game.

The Ravens right tackle, Austin Howard, is a 6’7” monster; look at the header photo. The line judge is hoping he’s not about to step on him due to not seeing him. Now, it’s time for the big man to catch some passes as a tight end.

Already out on the edge, the Ravens should create eligible receiver formations for the right tackle. He’s 330 pounds, and stronger than any linebacker in his way, he’ll block and shed for the easy two-yard out route Marty calls ten times a game anyways.

The Ravens need a creative offense to move the chains, and it starts with the offensive line becoming offensive. How do you defend a right tackle who may be blocking for Alex Collins, protecting Joe Flacco, or breaking down the seam for a deep ball touchdown?