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Bernard Pollard on John Harbaugh, “Single handedly destroyed that team because of ego”

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Back in December of 2016, Bernard Pollard called out the Baltimore Ravens staff, specifically John Harbaugh.

Though he doesn’t name him, it’s obvious Pollard is disapproving of the Ravens head coach.

After the tweet in December of 2016, Pollard joined the 105.7 Vinny & Haynie show, and commented on his tweets:

“When I said this team will never be the same, obviously… I won a Super Bowl with the team. I love the Ravens organization. Bisciotti is one of the best owners I’ve ever come across and Ozzie is one of the best GM’s I’ve ever come across. We just had a bond. Yeah, we had some rough times but at the same time we had more good than bad. I truly believe we could have had two or three Super Bowls.”

For a few seasons now, the Ravens have stumbled in the regular season, with only hopes of returning to the promised land. Fans have pointed blame in all areas, from coaching, quarterback, coordinators, front office and players, but Pollard’s tweet feels the most real. He was, after all, a Baltimore Raven, with the most insider knowledge possible.

Baltimore Beatdown re-posted the tweet, asking what fans think of his words now.

The former Ravens safety, and Super Bowl champion himself, responded.

Fans have pointed blame at Joe Flacco, Ozzie, all coordinators, and John Harbaugh, but it means something when a former player and Super Bowl champion calls out his former head coach.

Update: Pollard has responded to fans tweets, and continues to call out Harbaugh.