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Will an offensive coordinator change this team?

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

A season ago, many Ravens fans expected Marty Mornhinweg out. Baltimore Beatdown discussed the possibility, multiple times, but it did not occur. After the dust settled, the offensive coordinator stood tall among the rubble.. But now, nine weeks into the season, is Marty on the chopping block?

Ravens fans are calling for his head, and it’s not shocking. Throughout the game against the Titans, the Ravens were calling up-the-gut runs with zero push; no shock, as the Raven backups couldn’t push the Titans’ defensive line. Continuously, the Ravens were bullied by the Titans’ defense. Alex Collins couldn’t even break through; a telltale sign of the struggles.

Multiple times, they incorporated Breshad Perriman, a drop-prone receiver. The play-calls also involved Ben Watson, a talented tight end, running one-yard out routes into double-coverage; a play-call which creates a swarming defense lighting up the 37-year old tight end.

On a weekly basis, fans witness a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation. Against Miami, they dominate Ndamukong Suh and Cameron Wake. Against the Oakland Raiders, Khalil Mack becomes J.A.G.

But against Pittsburgh and Tennessee, the Ravens lost control for three quarters, with no idea how an offense works.

The Ravens possess multiple receiving threats, and a talented tailback. They have a franchise quarterback, yet can’t utilize the ability. Nowhere do fans notice the play-calling suit the personnel. With Gary Kubiak, fans witnessed Justin Forsett blow up. They watched as Joe Flacco performed with execution. Now, it’s a toss up, and it many are calling for Marty Mornhinweg’s head.