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Ravens vs. Titans Final: 4 Winners & 4 Losers

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens could not get on the same page today. When the offense suddenly awoke, the defense was gassed. When the Ravens offense couldn’t find their way onto the field, the defense was dominant. By the end of the game, even the receivers were running the wrong routes.


Ben Watson — The reliable tight end continued to do what he’s asked for. Fight for the ball, make his catches, and even secure a fourth-down conversion. If only the play-calling wasn’t asking for Watson to run 1-yard routes.

Jeremy Maclin — While he didn’t haul in a touchdown grab, the receiver did catch eight passes for 98 yards. Lack of creativity in the play-calling, and the lack of blocking for Flacco, left him without more.

Jimmy Smith — Besides allowing a big pass in the first quarter, Smith was lock-down. A great game was played by Smith.

Marlon Humphrey — The first round corner held his ground in this game. It’s exciting to watch him grow as a player, and eventually take the mantle as the Ravens #1 CB.


Breshad Perriman — The first three drives were directly affected by the receivers failures. The first round player is losing snaps to Chris Moore now. He can’t catch, use his body, or make plays.

Offensive line — Allowing three man pressures is a joke. The complete lack of push on third and fourth downs was weak. This Ravens line did not get it done today. Even Stanley was bad, before the injury.

Joe Flacco — Strugglesome play coupled with bad play-calling and sloppy receivers pushed the quarterback into bad game. Not all the blame goes on outside forces, as he didn’t provide the best opportunities either.

Alex Collins — Tennessee was ready for him. No holes were opened up by the line, but Collins has always created something. Today, there was nothing, and he created nothing.