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Ravens vs. Titans: 3 offensive keys to victory

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

While the defense has their work cut out with Marcus Mariota and the Titans offense, the Ravens won’t have a walk in the park against the Tennessee defense. It feels like just about every week this phrase is uttered, but today is a, ‘big test for the Ravens’.

Feed the Beast

Quite possibly the best thing to come from this Ravens season, is the stud tailback, Alex Collins. This man does nothing but bully his way past defenders. It’s exciting to watch a tailback capable of breaking off big chunks of field at any given point. Every game he’s finding holes in the defense, and exploiting them. I expect the same against the Titans.

Big plays

Stretch the field. We’ve witnessed Joe drop dimes into Jeremy Maclin and Mike Wallace’s hands. When the Ravens go deep, they’ve slashed and gashed defenses. Pairing the deep ability with Alex Collins has hurt the opposition, and now it’s time for Baltimore to put points on the board. Get the passing game worked in successfully.

Tight end usage

There will never be a game where Joe doesn’t find his tight ends. They’ve been his most consistent targets for years now, and it’s become a crutch. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, only when they’re running three-yard outs on 3rd & 7 is it a big problem. Get these players crossing, cutting and also down deep. Force defenders to chase all over the field, and then work in the big blocking schemes with Ben Watson throwing linebackers out of the gap. Grind this game down and score some touchdowns.