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PFF: Ravens’ offense & defense both struggle vs. Houston Texans

NFL: Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

National attention to this team is usually fun. Look at the Miami Dolphins game, for instance. Under the lights, this team produces victories, and there’s nothing sweeter. But against the Houston Texans, the Baltimore Ravens played an ugly football game, filled with offensive woes. Nonetheless, there’s always a silver lining. PFF brought Baltimore Beatdown the latest, with five stats from the offense and defense.

Offensive Stats:

“Bouncing back from a rough outing in Green Bay, RT Austin Howard recorded a 81.5 game grade, best among the Ravens’ offensive players. After allowing multiple pressures in four of his last five games, he gave up none on 38 pass block snaps.”

While Jadeveon Clowney abused the Ravens offensive line, it’s great seeing Howard have a bounce-back game. Clowney couldn’t attack everybody on the line, though he tried. Howard was left alone, and the biggest instance of Clowney vs. Howard resulted in Jadeveon jumping inside the neutral-zone.

“Across the skill position players, HB Danny Woodhead graded the highest at 78.0. He only carries the ball four times, but caught all four passes thrown his way.”

Woodhead had a solid outing last night. He faired well in the running game, slipping through some tackles and a body-filled trench.

Joe Flacco’s deep passing woes continued against the Texans, with all four of his 20+ yard passes falling incomplete. Over the season his 30% deep passing accuracy percentage ranks 33rd in the league.”

Reminder: There are only 32 teams in the NFL. This means Joe Flacco is worse than all other 31 NFL teams’ starting quarterback, when it comes to deep balls, plus another teams’ back-up. This team is struggling, and their leader is not helping.

“On his return from injury, LT Ronnie Stanley recorded a solid 72.0 game grade and allowed just one hit. The offensive line in general kept clean Flacco clean, giving up six total pressures.”

It sure felt like there were more than six pressures, but then again, after the first quarter, Clowney wasn’t the dominator he was before hand.

“The Ravens made use of heavy formations against Houston, deploying multiple TEs on 60% of offensive snaps.”

This is ideal, as the Ravens were outmatched in the trenches. Utilizing Boyle, Watson and Maxx Williams is a must.

Defensive Stats:

“CB Jimmy Smith had an uncharacteristically poor game, grading as the lowest performing Raven at 31.3. Against DeAndre Hopkins, he gave up all four targets into his coverage for 105 yards, a season high number.”

Nuk tends to do these things against star cornerbacks. Just a week prior, Patrick Peterson allowed a 70+ yard touchdown. I figured Jimmy would struggle, but that was an ugly game. He’ll be fine, though.

“DT Willie Henry’s 89.1 game grade led all defensive players. This was another strong performance from him - in the last two games he has nine total pressures, and against the Texans he added another batted pass to take his season total to five.”

I told you so. Henry’s the third lineman this squad needs. He’s strong, shifty, and get’s those arms up in the passing lanes.

“OLB Terrell Suggs made light work of Texans RT Kendall Lamm, recording a season-high eight total pressures.”

Terrell Suggs is a machine, and the hopes of his demise are mocked. Hall of Fame linebacker, undoubtedly.

“DT Brandon Williams was his usual run stopping force last night, making three defensive stops and finishing with a team-leading 90.6 run defense grade.”

Highest-graded player on the team, and it’s no surprise. Williams digs holes, and buries runningbacks in them. We all know his play isn’t flashy, he’s just a warrior.

“S Tony Jefferson recorded his first interception of the season, and performed solidly overall in coverage. He allowed three of five targets into his coverage to be completed for 11 yards, only three of which came after the catch.”

It’s crazy, watching as this team continues to create interceptions, game after game. Tony wasn’t thrilled about being the last on the starting squad to force one either.

Tony Jefferson tweet

But just as Eric Weddle said in reply, his was coming, and it arrived last night.