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Ravens vs. Texans: MVP, 8 Winners & many Losers

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

A tightly contested contest, in which a cliche defensive effort keeps the Ravens in the game. The superhero, or villian, Terrell Suggs, keeps the Texans from finishing the job.

MVP: Sam Koch

The Ravens were dead in the water, until punter Sam Koch dropped a dime on a fake punt to Chris Moore. Afterwards, Mornhinweg became an aggressive play-caller, and the Ravens suddenly came alive. Big pass plays and two great run calls pushed in two rushing touchdowns from Buck Allen and Alex Collins. The Ravens scored on three straight possessions, the third being a Justin Tucker field goal. All due to Sam Koch’s arm, not leg.

He did deliver with his leg, as five(!!!!!) kicks landed inside the 20-yard line.


Jerry Rosburg — The assistant coach and special teams coach is the best in the NFL, and here is another game demonstrating why. What a great game from start to finish, by the special teams.

Alex Collins — The Texans were ready for him, but he did enough to earn his spot here tonight. A big 4th & 1 run, multiple 7+ yard carries and a great rushing touchdown finish his statline as 16 carries, 60 yards, 1 touchdown. Also, let’s mention his blocking on the Joe Flacco rollout. Chipping a D-tackle isn’t easy.

Javorius Allen — A touchdown from the tailback is always important, and he got it done in a gritty pile of bodies.

Tony Jefferson — Finally, his first interception with the Baltimore Ravens! Way to go, Tony!

Anthony Levine Sr. — His first NFL interception, and a timely one at that!

Terrell Suggs — Never leave, Sizzle. You are all that is right with this defense. You’re the king, emperor, and gladiator.

Justin Tucker — Three field goals of 53, 31 and 49 yards. Knocked them all down.

Chris Moore — Stretched out for that great reception.


Jimmy Smith — I love Jimmy. I think this site knows this. But man, did Deandre Hopkins work him, and anybody who faced him. I may be wrong, he could be the best in the NFL, when it comes to receivers.

Brandon Carr — Another victim of Hopkins, he couldn’t stop clutching Nuk’s jersey.

Anybody who faced Jaeveon Clowney — Seriously. If you were against Hopkins or Clowney, you lost. There are those players in the NFL you have to suffer through, and two of them were on the same team tonight, bodying the Ravens.

Jeremy Maclin — Where is the #1 wide receiver for the Ravens?

Breshad Perriman — No, he did not play badly tonight. He lost due to Joe Flacco handing him out of bounds passes. This was not his fault, and I need to clarify this for everybody. Perriman didn’t fail the team this game, Joe delivered nothing and expected magic.

Joe Flacco — Another game, another set of checkdowns, out of bounds and overthrows. I’m tired of watching the same failures every game.

Mornhinweg — This cannot be only on the shoulders of Joe Flacco. How can you not incorporate Jeremy Maclin more? How can there never be anything open but 2-5 yard dump offs.