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Ravens vs. Packers: MVP, 8 Winners & 6 Losers

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Green Bay Packers Appleton Post-Crescent-USA TODAY Sports

Brett Hundley and the Green Bay Packers were pressuring the Baltimore Ravens on their first drive. But after a Jimmy Smith interception, their offense stalled, or was completely bullied by the Baltimore Ravens defense. The final score: 23-0.

MVP: Jimmy Smith

If not for the interception, the game takes on a completely different look. The Ravens are terrible at playing from behind, and Smith’s INT staved off the stress.

Co-MVP: Sam Koch

Yes, the defense absolutely won this game, but Koch landed four (five if not for some garbage reffing) inside the 20 yard line. Hard to score points when you’re 80+ yards from the endzone.


Mike Wallace: Put it in the Hall of Fame. That catch was spectacular.

Eric Weddle: Hauling in an interception is always noteworthy, but this man played his game well.

Matt Judon: Sack city, baby. Judon is their linebacker of the future, and his pressure is key for the success of this team this season.

Terrell Suggs: A strip-sack, plus a filthy inside move for another sack was dominating.

Willie Henry: Less than a week ago, I wrote about Henry being the Ravens dark-horse star of the season. He showed out tonight, racking in two sacks as an interior rusher.

Justin Tucker: A cold day, but Tucker’s leg was perfect.

Marlon Humphrey: His first NFL interception; right at the end of the game. He’s done nothing but stack plays on top of plays!

Alex Collins: It took quite a while, but he’s finally ventured into the endzone. Without an offensive line, he’s continued to produce.


Joe Flacco: A great pass later in the game doesn’t nullify the bad throw to Danny Woodhead. Clean this play up now, Joe. Teams with actual quarterbacks will beat this team.

James Hurst: He’s not an NFL left tackle. He’s okay at guard. Ronnie Stanley is missed.

Ravens offensive line: The entire line wasn’t pretty. Screens were set up well, but the blocking was suspect. Nobody put a hat on a hat.