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Ravens vs. Packers: First half thoughts

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Ronnie Stanley, we miss you.

—Signed, every Ravens fan.


  • The Ravens defense created three turnovers against Brett Hundley and the Packers offense. Only one big threat occured, and Jimmy Smith poured water on their fire with an endzone interception.
  • The defense is almost perfect. Can’t be too upset with them, when they post a shutout.
  • The receivers have done their job when called upon. Both Jeremy Maclin and Mike Wallace have put in work.
  • Danny Woodhead looks good. Happy to have him back.


  • Ronnie Stanley is missed. Without him, the Packers are feasting on the edge.
  • The offensive line as a whole is struggling. Ravens drives have failed due to their lack of production.
  • Joe Flacco killed the best drive of the game, throwing a pass Woodhead’s way, although Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was leading Woodhead step-for-step.
  • Three turnovers, yet only six points produced. Not a recipe for success.