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Despite Aaron Rodgers’ injury, Packers not an easy matchup for Ravens

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Do not make the mistake of penciling this game as an easy win for the Ravens. Even though the Packers are down the best player in the league, Baltimore has not shown themselves capable of winning games in tough situations.

Lambeau field is a formidable place to play and the Packer defense will always come with exotic blitzes if their cornerback play allows it.

The Ravens will play man coverage. Even if Brett Hundley's downfield accuracy is erratic at best, Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson can make plays in contested sitiuations, giving Hundley a wider margin for error.

Kenny Clark and Mike Daniels lead a front that is extremely hard to keep contained for an entire game. The trap blocks that caught the Miami Dolphins off-guard are not likely to see the same success as Clark is almost impossible to trap due to his athleticism. He is not the guy to leave unblocked.

This defense is coming off a game where Jordan Howard to a measly 54 yards on 16 carries. Howard is the same running back who was in large part responsible for breaking the rushing yards record allowed by a Ravens defense,

The Ravens will need all hands on deck and good performances in all three phases of the game for the entire sixty minutes to get by on the road. This team is not good enough to afford lapses at any point in the game