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Ravens front seven are holding back the defense

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Unlike years prior, the Ravens secondary is the strongest and most productive unit on the field. The newest graphic released by the Baltimore Ravens demonstrate the starting four’s effectiveness:

Baltimore Ravens

Now where is the pass rush? Where is the attack in the trenches, as the secondary blankets their receivers?

The Ravens, currently, are league average in sacks, with 22.0; Seven sacks away from second best, and 13 from the league-leading Jacksonville Jaguars.

This falls upon the coaching and the players.

Sack stats:

Terrell Suggs: 5.5
Matt Judon: 3.0
Tyus Bowser: 2.0
Za’Darius Smith: 1.5
Michael Pierce: 1.0
Carl Davis: .5
Willie Henry: .5

The pressure from the front four has created 14 sacks. Not bad, but certainly not great. In comparison, the Jaguars d-lineman and edge rushers have created 24.5 sacks. In fact, their front has created more sacks than the entire Ravens squad. This is where the worry comes in. If not for the Ravens secondary and inside linebackers creating sacks, the pressure isn’t there.

The Ravens secondary is doing it all, forcing turnovers, generating sacks, bullying receivers and keeping the Ravens in games. It’s now up to the pass rush to stop the opposition from hanging around in games.