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AFC North: The worst division in football?

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The AFC North has carried a reputation as one of the best divisions in the league over the last decade. This competitive division has averaged nearly two playoff teams per season since 2008. However, NFL writer Gil Brandt believes the AFC North is the worst in professional football this season:

Cleveland remains the final winless team this season, which certainly drags the division down, but they have been perennial doormats. Pittsburgh has not generated the explosive offense they were thought capable of, but their seven wins are tied for second most in the league. The struggles of the Ravens and Bengals is most surprising, the middle teams are a combined four games under .500 currently.

Brandt considers the NFC South, NFC North and NFC West to the be the three best divisions. A case can be made that the NFC East should also be placed in the top half of the league since the Bills, Dolphins and Jets of the AFC East have all been struggling lately. The AFC West, which was billed as an exceptionally strong division before the season, comes in at 7th on these rankings. It will be interesting to see how opinions change as the season progresses.

Is the AFC North the worst division in the NFL? How would you rank each division?