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What can the Ravens learn from the Packers vs. Bears matchup

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

As the Baltimore Ravens try to regroup and get healthy on their bye week, and being 4-5 through the first nine games of the season, Baltimore will be able to get a good viewing of their next opponent on Sunday. The Ravens will travel to Green Bay next week, but this week the Packers take on the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field to renew an old rivalry.

The Ravens are already very familiar with the Bears, as their defense dominated the Ravens offensive line a few weeks ago in Baltimore, and running backs Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen found many open lanes to run against the Ravens rush defense, as Chicago won 27-24 in overtime. The Packers are now on their third full week under quarterback Brett Hundley, and the team has lost their first two games without Aaron Rodgers.

Baltimore should really focus on the Packers rush defense against a Bears team that torched them, as Howard and Cohen will look to breakthrough again for the Bears. If the Bears strategy goes as planned, the Ravens should carry the same formula going into next week.

Last week against the Tennessee Titans, the Ravens passed the ball early and often against the Packers, and for the rest of the season, they have to rely heavily on Alex Collins, Danny Woodhead and company. Feed Collins early against Green Bay, and the team could leave Lambeau Field with a win.

The Bears defensive front is young and fast, and it will be interesting to see how head coach John Fox decides to go after Hundley, who has thrown four interceptions dating back to the game against the Minnesota Vikings when Rodgers got hurt.

It's desperate times for the Ravens once again as they enter their bye week, as the team was 3-4 entering the bye week a year ago. The Packers are coming off short rest to travel to Chicago to play their biggest rival. The Ravens already know what the Bears are capable of, and their game-plan against the Packers should be similar to what the Ravens should do when they travel to Green Bay next week. A lot is on the line for the Ravens next week, and it's nothing short of the season. It wouldn't hurt to pay close attention to this rivalry matchup as Baltimore thinks about what they can do to change their 2017 campaign.