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Ravens on highway to 8-8 record

Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Another lost year marred with mediocre play. Last offseason, the Ravens saw Ozzie Newsome attempt to build an elite defense. A defense that could carry an offense that would be built around ball control philosophy and big plays off play-action passing. Instead, the offense has been completely anemic and the defense has not been playing up to their lofty expectations.

The combination of these two facts add up to produce a mediocre product. After the predictable and all to familiar loss to the Titans, the Ravens find themselves on the highway to another 8-8 season. Scraping to 9-7 and sneaking into the playoffs would not accurately represent the team's performance.

It is hard to muster excitment for a product that is once again lacking. Personally speaking, all of my energy deserted me after the Steelers game. The rage once felt after loses has been replaced by total apathy. I am sure others are feeling this way as well. Attendence for home games is down and most fans are ready for the season to end so changes can be made, even if the team's record shows that a fight for a playoff spot is still in the cards.

Steve Biscotti needs to take a long look at the team's performance - and not their stats - since the Super Bowl victory. Excluding the season that saw Gary Kubiak lead the offense, nothing the team has done has inspired any confidence. Worst of all however, is the apparent lack of improvement from one year to the next. Continuity was billed as the reason for the lack of changes before the present season. It cannot stand for another year. The Ravens have churned through offensive coordinators with regularity and yet, the problem seems to stem from more than just coordinators.

John Harbaugh will advocate that the Ravens are “still in it” and while true in technicality, any fan who has seen the team's perfomance this season will know that the statement is only coach speak. The organization is at a crossroads.