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Danny Woodhead’s return should not interfere with Alex Collins’ carries

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, runningback Danny Woodhead returned to the practice field, after suffering a hamstring injury in the first quarter of the Ravens first game this season. He was placed on injured reserve, but was designated to return. Now, he’s capable of practicing with the team, and can also play this season. The worry for many fans, though, is Woodhead vulturing carries from young up-and-comer, Alex Collins.

Alex Collins stats: 80 carries | 478 yards | 6.0 YPC | 0 TD

A few things to take note of.

First, Alex Collins is a talented tailback. His worst YPC game is 3.0, while he’s racked up over 6.0 YPC in four games. The 3.0 game was against the Minnesota Vikings, in which no offensive Raven could do well. He’s consistently been one of the hardest working players on this team, offense or defense.

The lack of touchdowns does not befall upon Collins’ fault. He’s delivered big-play after big-play, and if not for a few safeties and far-side cornerbacks breaking through for a tackle, he’d be gone. He also isn’t receiving the goal-line carries, and the Ravens offense isn’t reaching the redzone often. Most big plays are on the Ravens side of the field, in which he takes to the oppositions side.

Woodhead is a talented back and is deserving of reps, but not at the cost of Collins. The pass-catching downs and third-down role is certainly Danny’s, but reps being lost by Collins is a negative for the offense.