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Ravens stand pat at NFL trade deadline, but they may have missed out on a playmaker

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the NFL trade deadline eclipsed. Multiple big-name players were traded, including Duane Brown, Jay Ajayi, Kelvin Benjamin and Jimmy Garoppolo. Though the Baltimore Ravens aren’t in the market for a quarterback, they always are in the market for a playmaker.

Looking over the trades, it’s not surprising the Ravens passed over some. On Thursday, they bullied Jay, and they aren’t in the market for Duane Brown due to Ronnie Stanley’s excellence. But Kelvin Benjamin is an interesting prospect to discuss.

The Buffalo Bills traded a third-round pick and a seventh-round pick for Benjamin. I initially did not respond for or against this trade, but mulling this over is necessary.

First, what the Ravens would be giving up:

2018 third-round pick
2018 seventh-round pick

In the last five Ravens drafts, they’ve had a third-round pick six times:

2017 Chris Wormley
2017 Tim Williams
2016 Bronson Kaufusi
2015 Carl Davis
2014 Terrence Brooks
2013 Brandon Williams

One is a superstar, one was cut, and four of them have not proven anything outside of depth roster play. It’s early on Wormley and Tim Williams, so they’re clear, but both Kaufusi and Carl Davis have not demonstrated any star talents. Both are good, but not blue-chip players. I would trade any of these players, besides Brandon Williams, for Kelvin Benjamin.

The last five Ravens drafts feature only three seventh-round picks:

2014 Michael Campanaro
2013 Aaron Mellette
2013 Marc Anthony

Of these three, only one made the team, and he’s been off-and-on due to injuries the past three seasons.

Looking over recent history, I am trading any of the third rounders (minus B. Williams), and also Michael Campanaro (the most successful seventh rounder), for Kelvin Benjamin.

Now, that’s not a fair perspective, as every picks value is different.

Second, what the Ravens receive:

Kelvin Benjamin Career stats (three seasons):

168 catches | 2,424 yards | 18 TD’s


2017: $530k
2018: $8.46m

This year he’s cheap, but next year, Kelvin becomes an $8 million receiver. This boils it down to worth. Is Kelvin a receiver worth both $8 million next year, while also spending a third- and seventh-rounder on?

Overall, I believe this team wants to make playoffs. A trio of Mike Wallace, Jeremy Maclin and Benjamin make an effective group. With Alex Collins at tailback and Joe Flacco getting a big target, this pushes the offense into better territory than it was before. Maybe enough to win another game or two, and earning a playoff berth.