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Ravens vs. Raiders: 3 Offensive Keys to Victory

NFL: International Series-Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A struggling offense against a team with questionable defenders; hopefully the Ravens can solve their offensive woes against another struggling team.

Score points

Though I can’t say it on here as Chip Kelly said it (NSFW Language), my hope here is the Ravens score points. No other plan about it. Get somebody’s behind in the endzone, with the football. Whether it be a receiver, tight end, tailback or even Joe himself, get in the doggone endzone and let’s all cheer for touchdowns.

Catch the Football

Last week, my mantra of ‘Get Open’ started working. Mike Wallace found a deep route, Breshad Perriman had a touchdown, and neither came about from dropping the football. Hopefully this week the Ravens receivers turn it around and haul in some catches.

Deliver the ball

Though Wallace and Perriman dropped the passes thrown their way, Joe Flacco hasn’t made it easy on them. Wallace’s pass was low and Perriman’s was too high. If a 6’3” receiver fully extends into the air and it glances off his fingertips, it’s not completely his fault when it’s dropped. The ball was too high, and it wasn’t a jump ball situation.