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Baltimore Beatdown Mailbag: Fire Marty Mornhinwheg?

Pre-Game Mailbag with answers to your questions!

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Welcome back to the Baltimore Beatdown Mailbag. We take questions each week in relation to the corresponding game! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and tweet your question as it may end up here! Onto the questions!


Answer: I do believe they move him around the formation and they’ll take their chances with their best lineup. I would think that they'd like to match him up with Austin Howard as he’s the weak link of the two.


Answer: I hate to overreact, but it’s not good right now. Pittsburgh’s defense has been improving and the Jaguars boast one of the most fearsome cornerback duos in the game, but the offense just hasn't looked good. I believe Flacco deserves some of the blame, but this particular game could be a good indicator of what the Ravens do at OC going forward. The Raiders defense has been about as bad as we anticipated, so if the Ravens can’t put up points or at least move the ball, next week will likely yield a shakeup on multiple fronts.


Answer: If he can hang onto the ball, I can see him getting over 100. The Ravens need something on offense and it doesn't look like they'll get it from Joe Flacco. Collins has shown in a small sample size he can be a viable weapon on the ground and through the air, so with the Raiders being the matchup here, I like his chances of producing a really good game.


Answer: That’s actually a catch-22. That much alcohol would literally kill you.


Answer: That’s not an option. Flacco has bottomed out at this point and it isn't looking good. He’s a liability if he drops back to the point it seems like a wasted down right now. I believe they have to stick with the run game and rely on it to win games for them.

That’s all for this week! Make sure to check back on Twitter for more next week!