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The Ravens rush defense will be put to the test again in Oakland

Baltimore must find a way to stop Beast Mode

Baltimore Ravens v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Stephen Brashear /Getty Images

Over the last two weeks, the Baltimore Ravens have lost two of their top defensive linemen, Brent Urban and Brandon Williams. Urban is once again out for the season, and head coach John Harbaugh revealed there is no timetable for Williams' return to the field. As a result, the Ravens pass rush, and rush defense has been affected greatly by these injuries.

Against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the trio of Leonard Fournette, Chris Ivory, and Corey Grant had a combined 29 carries for 151 yards in Baltimore's 44-7 loss in London. The following week against the Pittsburgh Steelers at M&T Bank Stadium, with Le'Veon Bell struggling, the All-Pro running back went off on the Ravens defense. Bell rushed for 144 yards on 35 carries. Scoring two touchdowns in the process in the Steelers 26-9 win over the Ravens.

Now, the Ravens travel to Oakland to take on Marshawn Lynch and company. This is actually a similar situation to Bell a week ago. Bell came into the game struggling to find his groove, and was able to find it with a breakout game. Lynch has struggled for the Raiders so far. He rushed for 76 yards in Week 1, but has rushed for 75 yards combined the last three games. Lynch is going to be called upon now more than ever to step up for the Raiders with Derek Carr out 2-6 weeks.

This battered Ravens defensive line will be facing a big and physical Raiders offensive line, so stacking the box to stop Lynch will be no easy task either. Lynch, like Bell before, is waiting to break out into beast mode that has made him so famous and fun to watch over the years. The Ravens, even without Williams and Urban, have to find a way to prevent that from happening to salvage their season in Oakland. Baltimore also has to be aware of Raiders running back Jalen Richard. With the Raiders looking for a spark at running back, they could rely on the young Richard to provide them with that spark if Lynch continues to struggle.