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Dennis Pitta: Kiko Alonso apologized to Joe Flacco

Classy gesture by the Miami linebacker

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Last Thursday night's matchup between the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens was as chippy as you can get for a game that was 40-0. It started due to Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso's hit on quarterback Joe Flacco. Flacco was running to his right and as he was sliding, Alonso came right in shoulder to helmet. The hit caused Flacco to leave the game with a concussion and a cut on his ear. Ryan Jensen shoved Alonso to the ground in defense of his injured quarterback.

After the game, Alonso referred to the play as "bang bang" and said he knew Flacco was going to slide. Ever since Thursday night, the hit by Alonso has been very polarizing to the public and media. Alonso's been called "dirty" for the hit by some, but others feel it was actually Flacco's fault because he slid too late.

Whichever side you fall on, it was a horrible situation, and it didn't help that Dolphins defensive lineman such as Ndamukong Suh and William Hayes chose to choke Ravens backup quarterback Ryan Mallett and jab offensive tackle Austin Howard in the eye. However, according to former Ravens tight end and Flacco's good friend Dennis Pitta in an interview with WBAL radio in Baltimore, Alonso felt bad about the hit as he texted Flacco an apology the day after the game:

Classy gesture by the Dolphins linebacker, who I'm sure has been called a lot of things since Thursday. Forget just as athletes, as human beings you don't want anyone to be hurt the way Flacco was. From the beginning, Alonso must've felt terrible about it, and he was never really known for being a "dirty" player before the hit to Flacco, Pitta even said that himself.

With Alonso's apology, the NFL will soon be giving out ramifications to both him and Suh. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said on Monday that Flacco was feeling good and is experiencing no concussion symptoms. It looks like we are about ready to move on from this situation. Which is a good thing for both the Dolphins, Ravens, Kiko Alonso, and Joe Flacco.