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Stats don’t lie: Jimmy Smith deserves personal awards this season

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, Ravens fans witness one of the best corners in the NFL suit up for the purple and black. This season, though, he may not be ‘one of the best’, but in fact, he is the best.

Halfway through the season, the Ravens CB1 has done nothing but protect his side of the field.

The best. It’s statistically better to throw the football into the stands, than to toss the pigskin towards a receiver covered by #22.

Against a bad team, and a bad quarterback, you expect your best players to play whistle-to-whistle, and Jimmy provided a perfect score. Against the Dolphins, Smith allowed only two of seven targets to be caught, for only 12 yards. He batted two passes, and notched his second interception of the season, this time, for a touchdown. But the most staggering number of all, was Matt Moore’s passer rating when targeting Jimmy Smith: 0.0.

Jimmy faces the best receivers in the league, every season: A.J. Green and Antonio Brown. If his stats are top-four when facing the best in the game, he’s clearly a step above. This season, the NFL and their fans need Smith to receive personal awards for such achievements.