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Jason La Canfora: Kiko Alonso decision expected Monday; Suh expected to get fined

We’ll find out what the Dolphins punishments will be

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Thursday night's 40-0 Baltimore Ravens win over the Miami Dolphins was marred with controversy and an ugly scene between these two teams. Coming out of this game wasn't the fact that the Ravens played very well, or the Dolphins getting shutout and looking completely flat. The story is Miami’s tactics, along with the hit by Kiko Alonso on quarterback Joe Flacco.

Alonso's hit on Flacco has been received with mixed opinions. Some see it as a cheap shot and a dirty hit that deserves a suspension, and should have led to the ejection of Alonso during the game. Some actually feel that it was justified, and the guy to blame for the hit was Flacco himself.

Later in the game, Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh wound up choking Baltimore's backup quarterback Ryan Mallett, with William Hayes jabbing Ravens offensive tackle Austin Howard in the eye on the same play.

These actions deserve punishment, and at least two Miami players will receive their punishment soon, according to CBSSports Jason La Canfora.

Based on this, it looks like we will get a ruling by the league on these actions tomorrow. Interestingly enough, it doesn't sound like Hayes will face discipline for his antics on Howard. ESPN's Adam Schefter told WEEI radio in Boston on Friday that he believes Alonso will be suspended.

Suh's actions certainly deserves another set of discipline for him after his latest controversy. Suh even said that Mallett tried to attack him, which is the apparent reason why Suh tried to choke him. Not only does it look like the NFL is getting tired of Suh, but the Dolphins themselves. La Canfora later reported on Sunday morning that Miami is looking to move on from their highly paid defensive tackle after the conclusion of the season. This would force Miami to eat up $13 million in dead money in 2019.

Overall, we're going to find out what the NFL will do to at least two of the Dolphins key defensive players on both Ravens quarterbacks. Miami embarrassed themselves on national television and, hopefully, the league will approach this situation by taking the right course of action. No matter what, people will have the same mixed feeling's on the leagues decisions, especially with their decision on Kiko Alonso.