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Ravens vs. Dolphins: 3 Defensive keys to victory

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins passing offense may be the worst in the NFL.

Points per game: 21st
Yards per game: 32nd
Pass Yards per game: 29th
Rush Yards per game: 29th

A good way to get back into the groove is taking on a bad team, to either find the mistakes, or to highlight the successes. Either way, this could be a good game for the Baltimore Ravens defense.

Defensive push

No more big gains on the ground. Jay Ajayi cannot be allowed to win this game. The Ravens cannot allow teams to run their way to victory, as they allowed the Chicago Bears to do so. Against the Vikings, Brandon Williams didn’t salvage this defense, and it’s worrisome. Hopefully they fixed the errors and begin generating a strong push tonight. One of the biggest factors of this game will be gap containment and responsibility.

Pass rush

Know what I’m not scared of? Matt Moore. Know what I am terrified of? Matt Moore with all day to throw dimes to his highly-talented receivers. Any NFL quarterback is lethal with enough time. I believe Terrell Suggs will have a strong game tonight against Laremy Tunsil, but he cannot be the only one establishing a presence in the backfield.


A clean game will keep the Ravens from losing yards to mistakes, and force the Dolphins to beat Baltimore, rather than beating themselves. Penalties which give the Dolphins a fresh set of downs are back-breakers, certainly with the Ravens offense not giving the defense many rests.