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Ravens at home on primetime? Good luck, Dolphins

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

After back-to-back defeats at the hands of the NFC North, the primetime pressure to compete may be, ‘just what the doctor ordered’.

Since John Harbaugh became head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, the team hold the second-best winning percentage in prime-time home games, at .909. Ten victories, with only a single loss.

They currently hoist the longest active streak for such games, at eight straight. The second best streak, the Oakland Raiders, have six.

The Baltimore Ravens not only win games, but they have outscored opponents by 123 points. Overall, they’ve scored 278 points in 11 games.

Not only do they seem to score more points, the defense is juiced up. In 11 games, they have 29 sacks, a +8 turnover differential, and six defensive touchdowns (3 INTs, 3 FRs).

While lately it has felt doom & gloom, these numbers even give me confidence in this franchise. I only hope they continue their streak to nine-straight, after their Thursday Night game against the Miami Dolphins.

All Stats given from the Baltimore Ravens