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PFF: Yes, your eyes aren’t lying, the Ravens are bad

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Baltimore Ravens v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

An ugly game, an ugly loss, and your eyes do not deceive you. The Baltimore Ravens are not playing well, on either side of the ball. PFF gives us a small breakdown on a few players, some good, while others, not so good.


The best lineman and the highest rated player for the game yesterday, was James Hurst. He’s proving to be more at home at LG than his usual tackle spot in previous seasons for the Ravens. His 79.3 game grade was the highest on the offense today, and he has now gone two straight games without allowing a pressure.

Despite not throwing an interception, QB Joe Flacco had a disappointing game. His 42.7 grade was the lowest among the Ravens’ skill position players, and he managed only seven passing yards when under pressure. It’s clear this offense has failed him. The injuries have mounted, and the lack of skill position players is unforgiving. I’m not giving Flacco a pass, but it’s not all on Joe.

After being signed back to the team with only a few days before gameday, Griff Whalen finished with a poor 43.4 game grade. While he caught four of five targets thrown to him, he managed just 23 total yards, and only three came after contact.

In reference to Griff’s stats, Breshad Perriman has amounted only four catches for 26 yards all season.

In an effort to spice up an ailing offense, the Ravens ran four plays with six offensive linemen or an unbalanced line. The most they utilized such formations was against the Browns in Week 2, with five such instances. It’s good to see the Ravens attempt to save Joe Flacco’s body with extra protections, but it’s clear they’re desperate by doing this.

After three dropped passes by Ravens receivers last week against the Bears, not a single drop was recorded today despite the inexperience at the position.


The best signing of the offseason, Brandon Carr finished as the highest graded Raven at 84.5. He allowed three of six targets thrown his way to be completed for only 22 yards, with an interception included as well.

Brandon Williams had a solid return from injury. He played 45 of 66 snaps, logging five defensive stops in the process, equating to a stop on 23.8% of his run snaps. He also added a batted pass to his game resume.

Terrell Suggs was the Ravens’ most effective pass rusher against the Vikings, recording one hit and two hurries on 26 pass rush snaps. He has logged at least three pressures in five of the seven games played so far this season.

Dean Pees reigned in on the blitzing this week, sending extra rushers on 32.4% of plays, right around the league average. Of the Ravens' eight total pressures, six came on plays with four rushers.

C.J. Mosley allowed one of two passes into his coverage to be completed for just eight yards. over the course of the game he allowed only 0.28 yards per cover snap.