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Joe Flacco voted third most overrated quarterback

The Ravens’ signal caller carries a lucrative contract

Baltimore Ravens vs Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

According to a poll conducted by, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is considered the third most overrated player in the league behind Giants quarterback Eli Manning and Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

72 players voted in the poll and Flacco accumulated 10 percent of those votes en route to his third place finish. The poor finish likely stems from Flacco’s contract and his lackluster play since winning the Super Bowl nearly five years ago. Since signing the lucrative contract that made him amongst the NFL’s highest paid players, Flacco has returned to the playoffs once and has posted a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 84:69 in 64 games. For comparison, Luck, in that same time span, has a ratio of 109:50 in 54 games.

For Flacco, criticism like this isn't new, and merits consideration. The poll that ESPN did covers numerous topics such as ‘Most likely to win multiple Super Bowls’ and ‘Teammate you'd least like to have’ which are polls that Flacco didn’t receive votes in.

The unfortunate aspect of this assessment is that critiques like it will likely continue to occur until Flacco proves that he can rally and carry a team in the face of adversity. 2017, like years before, has proven Flacco’s inability to do so when factors around him, such as offensive line play and injuries to the roster force him to step up. If Flacco’s career path is any indication, I wouldn't expect that or the criticism he receives to change heading forward.