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Terrell Suggs on Ravens, “There’s nothing more disappointing in the world than mediocrity”

Chicago Bears v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Ravens were largely underwhelming in their loss Sunday to the Bears. The Ravens now have a 3-3 record this season, and it’s a spot that Ravens star linebacker Terrell Suggs isn’t particularly proud of. “There’s nothing more disappointing in the world than mediocrity,” Suggs said in a postgame interview.

You can’t play good last week, and then we come out here, and we don’t play too good,” Suggs went on to say. “We gave up a ton of yards rushing. It just sucks, but we’re going to get it fixed. We’re all committed. We all bleed purple and black, and it’s going to stay that way.”

As Suggs said, the Ravens have either played very well or very poorly this season. The team looked like the class of the NFL as it shut out the Bengals, but later appeared to be a team contending for the number one overall pick against the Jaguars.

Suggs was frustrated that his team can’t show any kind of consistency, and he isn’t far off when describing the Ravens in 2017. The inconsistent play they have shown is mediocrity.

This response came to a question regarding the offense’s poor play. Suggs wasn’t going to take any responsibility, saying it wasn’t his job. All he would say was that the team has to get rid of the inconsistencies.

Coming into any given week, no one knows which Ravens are going to show up. We could get the anemic offense leading to an overall poor display that the team has had in each loss, or a more productive offense that gives the defense time to rest on the sideline. The defense and special teams alone are not going to be enough the get the Ravens where they want to be.

Suggs also noted the Bears great day running the ball. The defense has struggled too top the run without Brandon Williams in the lineup. Opposing offenses have exposed the Ravens weakness on the interior. The Bears, Steelers and Jaguars each gave their running backs heavy workloads in their game’s against the Ravens. Unsurprisingly, the Ravens went 0-3 against those teams.

It will be hard for the Ravens to escape the mediocrity that has Suggs disappointed in the near future. The Ravens sit squarely in the middle of the pack right now. Facing a tough Vikings defense on the road, it won’t be easy for the Ravens offense to bounce back from the listless display against the Bears. Getting Brandon Williams back will be a big key for the Ravens in their fight for a playoff spot. To get the Ravens out of mediocrity, Joe Flacco will need to not only put points on the board, but at least be on the field for long enough to give the defense a chance to catch their breath. No matter how good the Ravens defense is, a record anywhere from 7-9 to 9-7, the definition of mediocrity in the NFL, stares this team directly in the face if the offense can’t play consistently.