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Brandon Williams desperately needed back for the Baltimore Ravens

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

An overtime heartbreaker against the Chicago Bears and their impressive running game proves the Baltimore Ravens are hurting for Brandon Williams. With him gone, they no longer have the push up front. Without Williams, blocking schemes are completely changed, and linebackers are not finding gaps.

Against Baltimore:

Le’Veon Bell: 35 rush | 144 yards

James Conner: 4 rush | 26 yards

Jordan Howard: 36 rush | 167 yards

Tarik Cohen: 14 rush | 32 yards

Gaudy numbers, with a grand total of 89 carries for 369 yards.

There are only two options now.

  1. Find a way to heal Brandon Williams
  2. Scheme to stop the run game

Since one isn’t exactly this teams forte, the Ravens need to figure out number two.

Baltimore is flexing one of the strongest secondaries of the year, but they don’t have the linebackers to cover both tight ends and stop the run game. Whether it’s signing NaVorro Bowman, adjusting their play, or yet another adjustment, Baltimore cannot win games allowing this amount of running.