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Bobby Rainey sparks Ravens with a 96 yard kick return touchdown

Could it be the play that turns the tide in this game?

Chicago Bears v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Ravens have looked dead in the water the whole game. About midway through the third quarter, however, the Ravens may have gotten the spark they needed.

After the Bears scored a touchdown on a pass to Dion Sims, Bobby Rainey took the ensuing kickoff back 96 yards for a Ravens touchdown.

It appeared initially that he was down, however, the whistle was not blown. Rainey, alertly, got back up and kept running, all the way to the end zone.

The play would be reviewed, and it was determined that Rainey was not down by contact, or at least there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn it, and thus the touchdown stood.

The score put the Ravens right back in the game, trailing just 17-10.

The Ravens defense forced a three-and-out on the ensuing Bears possession, almost picking up a safety. The kick return touchdown may have been the big play the Ravens needed wake up.