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Tim Williams could be Ravens' Jerry Hughes

The rookie linebacker has been misued.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

When Tim Williams was drafted, the selection was met with an overall positive reaction. He was though to be a player that could ignite the Ravens pass rush from the season's first snap. Though he is yet to become a complete player, his skills as a pass rusher have been readymade for the NFL since his junior season at Alabama.

So far, Dean Pees has used him in a rotational role, not as a situational pass rusher. Even when Williams has had opportunities to rush the passer, they have typically come on early downs or unfavorable down-and-distances. Williams has often been forced to rush from a two point stance, not the pass rusher's favorite three or four point stances from 9 or wide-9 aligments.

Early in his career, the then Colt Jerry Hughes was a bust because of similar misuse. He broke out under Jim Schwartz, a defensive cordinator whose scheme and preferred aligments allowed his front four to play with less responsibility and thus allows them to pin their ears back and attack the quarterback. Hughes took a step back under Rex Ryan, before now once again emerging under Sean McDermott.

Tim Williams is not the kind of player who will thrive with too many responsibilities. He is a pass rusher, pure and simple. He has the talent and athlticism to, like Hughes, be a ten plus sack player in this league.

The Ravens four man rush has struggled so far. It is not for lack of talent. The Ravens coaches need to realize what they have on their hands and adjust their scheme to bring out the best out of the available talent, instead of forcing players into roles that will not bring out the best of their abilities.