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Ravens vs. Steelers: 3 Offensive Keys to Victory

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Through the first three weeks of the season, the Baltimore Ravens are still a question mark in the offensive department.

Against Cincinnati, they dominated the Bengals’ defense with an overpowering running game. There was no need to throw the football after halftime, and the Ravens secured their victory.

In Cleveland, Baltimore scored enough points to win, but it wasn’t a pretty victory.

In London, the Ravens lost Marshal Yanda. More importantly, they were dominated. Jacksonville’s pass rush, coupled with their secondary, blanked the Flacco-led offense. Only in utter garbage time did Ryan Mallett make enough plays to kick a field goal.

In week four now, the Ravens are once again at home. With what feels like their season on the line, it’s up to the offense to score points.

1. Get Open

I wrote earlier this week about the receiver-woes. Sixty-seven receivers have more yards than all three of the Ravens’ starters combined.

Somebody needs to get open. Somebody needs to step-up. It doesn’t matter who, but a receiver needs to become a threat. A player to fear, much like we all worry about when the Ravens are on defense.

2. Adjust the Scheme

Being under duress on nearly 50% of his dropbacks last week, Joe Flacco must be helped from the scheme. Get the ball out of the quarterbacks hands faster. The interior line is damaged, and Marty needs to find a way to hide the glaring weakness.

3. Feed Alex Collins

In London, Collins looked like a starting-caliber runningback. He was taking every carry with force; he consistently created gains on the ground. Keep the ground game incorporated, and keep Collins involved.