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Marshal Yanda lands on AP All-Pro team for third consecutive season

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

Another season, and another AP All-Pro selection for the Baltimore Ravens guard. For the third consecutive season and the fifth time in six seasons, Marshal Yanda is an All-Pro.

Years prior, Ravens fans were up in arms about the lack of glorification for the superstar guard. Now, he can’t escape the well earned limelight. The guard received two votes for left guard and four votes for right guard, good enough for Second Team All-Pro.

These votes cannot see the value of Marshal Yanda on the Baltimore Ravens. A man helping train rookie left tackle Ronnie Stanley to excellence, helping another rookie, Alex Lewis, grow into an NFL lineman, all while performing at his own high level. The man has done everything in his power to help this team succeed in any way possible. Halfway through the 2016 campaign Yanda injured his shoulder. Rather than wait it out and nurse himself back to health, he opt to play left guard, which wasn’t as painful to play. This man is the epitome of ‘Play Like A Raven’.

Congratulations to Marshal Yanda.