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Zachary Orr: From undrafted free agent to 2016 AP All-Pro

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

“The Ravens need to draft an inside linebacker to pair with C.J.” - A comment I made to one of my editors before the 2016 NFL Draft.

Even after it happened, with Kamalei Correa selected in the second round, I did not expect to see the improvement from a Raven already on the roster. With that draft pick I don’t believe the front office even expected the outcome.

Zachary Orr, an undrafted free agent in 2014, put in the work and proved he wasn’t just another depth player. He also wasn’t stopping at another starting caliber linebacker. Zachary Orr went on a mission to win football games by any means necessary, and now he’s winning individual accolades; this award, one of the highest in pro football.

2016 AP Second Team All-Pro

It’s clear to see the Baltimore Ravens can produce some of the highest caliber talent at linebacker. Through great coaching and great players willing to battle, the success flourishes. Congratulations Zachary Orr.