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Steve Smith Sr. submits official retirement to Roger Goodell, adds in one final Smitty line

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

Steve Smith Sr. was ‘89 percent sure’ of his retirement at his last press conference. When asked about the other 11 percent he told a reporter to let it go, he wanted a nice press conference.

After today, we see why he said not to ask about the latter; Steve released his letter of retirement to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell today. Clearly though, it wasn’t without one final Agent 89 remark:

“This is to notify you that as of today I, Steve Smith Sr., will no longer be antagonizing defensive backs. I am retiring from the National Football League.”

Going to miss this man; even when retiring he’s still thinking of bullying players on the gridiron.

Good luck to Steve Smith Sr., on his post-football endeavors. Cannot wait for this man to wear the gold jacket he’s earned.