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Rentention of Pees, Mornhinweg proves Harbaugh ok with mediocrity

The Ravens have officially fallen from the league's elites.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens are now officially an average franchise. Three of the past four season have been frustrating failures that largely saw the same issues rear their ugly heads without being corrected.

Fourth quarter leads have consistently been blown, running the ball has consistently been abandoned and yet in these three years the only constants have been the coaches that have not been replaced. Juan Castillo will be returning, as will be Dean Pees. Though Marty Mornhinweg has only been a coordinator for half a season, the issues that have been embedded in the offense are still present and have not been corrected.

John Harbaugh addresses these issues. He acknowledges them. He then proceeds to retain the people who are likely to be the bigger part of the problem, as they have been the constant (as opposed to personnel, which changes every year). How can a team come off this disappointing a season, one that saw pronounced issues identified and not do anything to attempt to fix these issues?

If personnel is the issue, than the front office should take the fall. Ozzie Newsome however, has proven that he is still capable of putting together stellar draft classes. The job of developing those prospects and putting them in the best position to succeed falls on the coaching staff. Dean Pees, who himself has admitted to overloading rookies' plates in the case of Matt Elam and Terrence Brooks, finds himself doing the exact same thing with Kamelei Correa.

Harbaugh's press conference did not make a lick of sense. The cordinators are being retained but their are changes being made to staff? Kenneth Dixon and Terrence West are good running backs but the team needs more running backs? What good is a running back with an offensive cordinator who has, without reason, abandoned the run multiple times? Harbaugh recgongnizes that fact, says the team needs to run the ball more, and goes on to retain the man who is the source of the problem.

Harbaugh claims that changes need to made and yet nothing ever changes. He has made his bed. He has chosen his fate. Another mediocre season should see his end.