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An honest positional look at the Baltimore Ravens offensive needs

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens will not partake in the 2017 season for many reasons, and rather than me spouting them off and getting everybody fired up, I’ll instead only list the positional needs going down the row.


A - Positional is optimal
B - Doing well, may need depth
C - Average, will need attention, maybe in later rounds or a good FA pickup
D - Draft or find somebody through free agency in early rounds
F - Serious need the Ravens must address before 2017 begins



Joe Flacco is never achieving top five in the league, but he’s a franchise quarterback capable of winning big games. Ryan Mallett is an adequate backup capable of beating the Steelers. Addressing the future would be a good idea, but maybe next seasonif the draft pool is bigger.

RB: B+

A talented stable of runningbacks, both Kenneth Dixon and Terrance West are good, young players. People are wanting Dalvin Cook in the draft, but we witnessed the skill of Dixon this season and his skill isn’t near peaking yet.


Kyle Juszczyk is the best fullback in the NFL. His playmaking ability is unreal and he’s young. Hopefully the Ravens keep him, but it will be tough as others love to pay for Ravens players.


This is not a knock on Ronnie Stanley. The young left tackle by himself grades an A, but the backup is James Hurst. Baltimore needs depth. Alex Lewis looks to transition into guard and Baltimore can’t keep allowing Joe Flacco to receive punishment whenever the left tackle goes down with injury. Get somebody through the draft or a depth free agent.

LG: B-

I like Alex Lewis and John Urschel at left guard. This isn’t a stellar set of guys, but they can get the job done.

Center: D

The Ravens need a new center. Jeremy Zuttah was 16 of 32 when they first picked him up from Tampa Bay, but he’s slowly declining and there isn’t a player on the Ravens playing better than him in the position. This means they need to address it early in rounds three or four of the draft. From what I’ve heard, this is a good draft to pick up a center.

RG: B+

Yanda is an A+, but Baltimore can’t keep this man forever. He sustained a shoulder injury and played left gaurd for half the season to compensate. If this is where the injury bug couples with Father Time, the Ravens will need to address this soon.


Tough to grade when the uncertainty of Ricky Wagner hangs in the balance. If Ricky stays this won’t be an issue, but if the overpaying fiends of the NFL steal him away with a fat contract, the Ravens are left with nothing. Sign Wagner or pay the price. . .

TE: A-

Does not need addressing this season. Depth players include Darren Waller, Nick Boyle and Maxx Williams. Starters include Crockett Gillmore and Dennis Pitta. If Ben Watson comes back to play theis only amplifies the unit.


The loss of Agent 89 is enough to cripple any team. Couple this with no true threats and Kamar Aiken expecting to leave. Baltimore needs a true threat in the passing game.