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Ed Reed will not return to the Buffalo Bills coaching staff.

So, Ravens fans. You want him back now?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Out of all the things that happened last offseason with the Baltimore Ravens, it was the one thing they didn't do which set the fans ablaze. It wasn't anything they personally did, whether it was signing somebody or letting a free agent go. No, it was not hiring a legend to be part of the teams coaching staff, despite having no experience in coaching at all. That man was the one and only, Ed Reed.

After wreaking havoc in the secondary for his entire 12-year career, Reed announced his retirement before the 2015 season after missing the entire 2014 season. As we all know, Reed's play began to decrease due to injuries during the 2012 campaign. Reed became a free agent after the season and wound up signing a three-year contract worth up to $15 million with $5 million guaranteed with the Houston Texans. The Texans threw out the red carpet for him, literally. Reed struggled in Houston and was benched and eventually released from the Texans. Reed finished the 2013 season with the New York Jets. Last season, Reed joined Rex Ryan's coaching staff in Buffalo as the assistant defensive backs coach for the Buffalo Bills. Things then got crazy in Ravens Nation.

Many people questioned why the Ravens never brought in Reed. Fans speculated that they "ignored" a legend. A man who knows so much about the game and could teach a struggling secondary. People of course pointed the finger at head coach John Harbaugh and speculated that Harbaugh and Reed never liked each other. Another thing that was brought up was the infamous "mutiny" during the 2012 season. The result was much different than what was expected. The Ravens secondary in 2016 was much improved, especially with Jimmy Smith in the lineup. While the Bills secondary struggled. I'm not blaming it all on Reed, but he obviously didn't help that much.

Now with Rex Ryan fired, the Buffalo Bills announced on Tuesday that members of the former regime won't return for the 2017 season. Which included the polarizing Ravens legend himself. The Ravens recently lost secondary coach Leslie Frazier to the Bills as he became their new defensive coordinator and I know some weren't too happy with the team promoting Chris Hewitt to the same position to replace Frazier. So, Ravens fans, do you want Reed back? Or do you want him to keep coaching with other teams and gain more experience before possibly coming back to Baltimore? Seeing him come back home would be cool, but in my opinion, it is best for Reed to gain more experience before ever coming back to the Ravens organization.

He'll return, but the time is just not right.