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Ravens announce $120 million in enhancements for M&T Bank Stadium

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

While three teams in the past two years look to lock down a new home, be it Los Angeles or Las Vegas, the Baltimore Ravens will stand pat in Baltimore.

The Baltimore Ravens announced Tuesday of a three-year, $120 million self-funded investment. The money is “demonstrating a continued commitment to create an exceptional gameday atmosphere.”

The important term, self-funded. Unlike Dean Spanos, the San Di—Los Angeles Chargers owner, taxpayers will not be a part of the $120 million.

Among the new improvements, the Ravens cite, “4K ultra-high definition video displays, elevators and escalators to the upper deck and a new sound system.”

The Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA) are pitching in $24 million, bringing the total to $144 million.

M&T Bank Stadium originally cost $220 million to build, back in 1998. After the $100 million in past improvements, and the new total of $144 million coming in the next three years, the stadium grand total equals $464 million.

“Not only will these improvements keep the stadium fresh, but they will enrich our gameday experience by delivering added convenience, entertainment and excitement,” Ravens president Dick Cass said. “We constantly strive to create a ‘wow’ factor for our fans.”

The Ravens created a ‘Three Phase’ enhancement program.

Phase One

$32 million, fully funded by the Ravens, in construction.

Video Displays:

Two 4K ultra-high definition video displays. The new displays are double the width of the current displays in the stadium. The new boards measure 200 ft. wide and 36 ft. high. The displays equal the highest resolution of any stadium video display in the U.S. The sound system will also be re-tooled to maintain a complete mark-up in efficiency.

Phase Two & Three

Escalators and Elevators:

Both escalators and elevators will take fans to the 500 level, improving crowd flow and better accessability.

Suites & Video Boards:

Another set of 4K video boards, measuring 33 ft. wide and 44 ft. high, installed atop four new suites built into the stadium’s upper bowl. These displays to give extra in-game content, from NFL highlights/scores to fantasy information.

Club Level:

All concession stands, restrooms and bar/lounge areas will receive upgrades. Helping fans to enjoy all areas of the stadium, not just the game itself. These upgrades help to improve food options, as there will be kitchen facility upgrages.

With these upgrades comes a price, and I assume the mentioning of price ticket hikes from Dick Cass at the ‘State of the Ravens’ conference gives reason. Hopefully it is worth it to the fans.