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Justin Tucker kicks 60 yard field goal... into a basketball hoop

Philadelphia Eagles v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

A playful rivalry is brewing between two of the top kickers in the NFL.

On January 25, Tucker posted this video of himself draining a 75 yard field goal at a Pro Bowl Practice.

While the NFL world was amazed with Tucker’s incredible kick, Lions kicker Matt Prater saw it as a challenge. Prater posted a video on January 28, where he nailed a 76 yard attempt.

While he hasn't said if it was in response to Prater’s kick, Tucker posted the fing video on January 29. Tucker, from the 50 yard line, kicks what in a game would be a 60 yard field goal attempt. However, Tucker is not aiming to split the uprights here. Instead, he aims for the top right basketball hoop attached to the upright, and swishes it.

This kick is absolutely insane. From 60 yards out Tucker buries it into the basket; I still can't believe he made it. Yet another bullet point on why Tucker is the best kicker in the NFL.

As if there is anything that Tucker can't do, the Ravens posted this video where Tucker re-enactes Odell Beckham Jr’s pre-game routine. Tucker snags one handed catches in the endzone seemingly with the ease of the Giants wide receiver.

Stud NFL kicker, incredible opera singer and the hands of a wide receiver, what can’t Justin Tucker do?