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Ray Lewis shows interest in coaching

President-Elect Donald Trump Holds Meetings At Trump Tower Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

With Ray Lewis coaching the Pro Bowl, Garrett Downing, Baltimore Ravens staff writer, asked the question all Ravens fans still want a solid answer to: Will Ray Lewis become an NFL coach?

“I’ve been asked that a lot,” Lewis said. “A few years out, a few years removed for me - I’m thinking about it a little bit. My sons are in college, and I’m living a good life right now following them around, seeing the things that they’re doing. I don’t know if I’ll go directly into it, but it’s something I’m definitely looking into.”

More cloudy than clear for an answer, but it sure doesn’t sound like a no.

It’s inconclusive if Ray will ever coach, but the fact remains his film sessions were one of the many reasons for Hall of Fame success. The linebacker not only put himself in positions to succeed, but the entire 11 man squad. If Ray manages to land back on the scene, expect the Ravens involvement. If Lewis can coach a new age of linebackers for Baltimore, I don’t know of a single person opting out of such opportunity, except other AFC North fans.