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ICYMI: Eric DeCosta will not interview for Indy GM job

Algerina Perna, Baltimore Sun

After reportedly being requested to interview for the Indianapolis Colts GM job, Eric DeCosta denied the request, and will thus stay in Baltimore as the assistant general manager.

The Colts recently fired their GM, Ryan Grigson, as the Colts have seen first round draft picks quickly turn into busts year after year. Ryan Kelly played well for the Colts this season, but previous first round picks like Bjorn Werner have not led to success in Indianapolis, and have arguably set the team back from becoming one of the elite franchises in the AFC.

This is the third consecutive offseason where DeCosta was requested to be interviewed for a the head GM job for another team. Two seasons ago, DeCosta was a candidate for the Bears; last season, the Tennessee Titans. Like the previous years, Eric denied all requests.

DeCosta will continue to sit in the wings, and will become the new General Manager when Ozzie Newsome leaves the Ravens, whether it be through retirement or firing (yeah right). DeCosta has played a key role in the Ravens draft successes, and will continue to be an asset to the Ravens front office for years to come.