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Asst. GM Eric DeCosta once again requested for interviews

John Harbaugh News Conference

Two seasons ago, it was the Chicago Bears.

Last season, the Tennessee Titans.

This year, the Indianapolis Colts want a shot.

For many years, even before the Bears attempt, GM Eric DeCosta received requests for interviews. Every single time, he’s denied.

It’s nothing personal, I’m sure he’d enjoy a chance in the big seat, but for now, he’s sitting on a throne to-be. Though his title may be “Assistant GM”, there is no doubt Ozzie & Eric both lead this team come draft season.

Once more, we all expect Mr. DeCosta to deny the request. His job security with Baltimore is top notch, and it’s rumored he is paid handily by owner Steve Bisciotti to sit in the backseat a little longer.

It’s quite incredible really, most seasons multiple teams lose or fire their general manager, beginning their search party to lead the front office. For the Baltimore Ravens, they not only have one of the best in the game with Ozzie, they also have the eventual replacement on staff, receiving good pay and only learning more from the Wizard.

Undoubtedly, DeCosta will receive GM status in the coming years, and Baltimore will continue enjoying NFL Draft success. Though the expectation is a denial of request, we’ll all still feel slightly relieved the “GM to be” officially won't be leaving.