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No, the Ravens did not try to talk Zach Orr out of retiring

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens press conference this morning as we all know announced the retirement of Zachary Orr who is retiring due to a congenital neck/spine condition that has impacted him since his birth. Orr really wants to play, but as he said, he can’t pass a physical. He’s putting his health first as he should and the Ravens are 100 percent behind him. That goes against what was being reported or at the very least hinted earlier this morning as to how the Ravens felt about Orr retiring.

Rapoport followed up with the following:

Orr said during the press conference that he was reading reports that the Ravens tried to talk him out of retiring but he said those reports are not true at all. Football is a business but the Ravens are an organization that has always stood by its players as much as it can no matter what the issue was. This is important to point out because the Ravens shouldn’t and don’t have a reputation of being heartless risking player safety.