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Ravens fans vote for the Patriots as their team to root for in AFC Championship

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

During the regular season, Ravens fans everywhere cheer for two teams. First and foremost, their beloved Baltimore birds. The other team: whoever is playing the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Though the Ravens failed to make playoffs, the fans still are invested in the postseason. Their archrival, nay, their two greatest archrivals, play one another the AFC Championship this week. It hasn’t been easy voting for a side, as many fans are searching for loopholes on how both can lose, or hoping the comic book villian ‘Bane’ makes an appearance, ending the competition early.

Baltimore Beatdown ran a poll on Twitter, asking for who the fans would root for. No jokes or extra votes. Only the Pittsbugh Steelers and New England Patriots.

The vote ended with 70% of fans selecting the New England Patriots as their team of lesser evil.

The statement rings true, Ravens fans will root against the Pittsburgh Steelers, even if it means cheering for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.