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Path to the NFL: DB prospect Nehemiah Coward

Nehemiah Coward sits down with Baltimore Beatdown to talk about his journey in football and what he thinks he can bring to the table on the NFL level.

Nehemiah Coward comes from a small school in division II football from Central State University Marauders (HBCU) in Ohio. On the field, he has a knack for making the big plays particularly on special teams as he has five career blocks and a 109-yard missed field goal return for a touchdown. Marauders coaches have utilized Coward’s athleticism as he has the ability to play cornerback, nickleback and both safety positions.

Gamer’s like Coward tend to fly under the radar when the NFL Draft rolls around every year but the best organizations do their due diligence to find gems at small schools. A perfect example of finding a gem would be a player like Baltimore Ravens defensive back Lardarius Webb who was drafted by the team in 2009 out of Nicholls state (FCS school).

Coward took the time to talk to me on Baltimore Beatdown about his journey in football and what he thinks he can bring to the table on the NFL level.

Coward’s Measurable’s via Capfigure

Positions: CB, FS

Height & Weight: 6’0″ 183 lbs.

40 Yard Dash: 4.36 sec.

Vertical: 38 in.

Bench: 315 lbs.

100 Meter Dash: 10.62 sec.

Squat: 285 lbs.

Describe your path to where you are right now in football and what you think it will take to get the NFL to notice as you are from a small school.

“My path right now has been difficult but a blessing because I have been beating out the odds that was set against me. So really it has been a humbling experience. On and off the field it will take hard work and dedication and god and some who will take the chance on me because I got the skills and passion for it . Now I just need one of them to look at me and see how special I am.”

Who do you model your game after?

“I model my game from my dad, mom and most importantly my oldest brother . He shows me how to work, train, grind and be the best out there . My parents show me not to never give up on me and be patient and always put god first so they model me with that because that is about of my game.”

How do you think your game will translate on the NFL level?

“My game will translate easy because I'm a fast learner and I like to work and train on my craft. Once I learn something, I will keep working on it until it is prefect. And to be in the NFL, you have to be perfect because there’s a lot of great talent out there so my work ethic and speed will most definitely translate over.”

What has motivated you to get where you need to be in the NFL?

“God, because he let’s me see the vision or the dream that I set for myself. My family and my supporters motivate me because without them pushing me on and cheering for me it could have made me have a different attitude. Being the best motivates me because I want to be better than everyone in front of me.”

What leadership qualities do you bring to the table?

“The leadership that I show is a leader who leads by example. If I won't do it I won't let you do it. I also use my voice to get people to listen when need be, but I would let my actions speak first and show others and have others follow me instead of me telling them something and having them do it the wrong way.”

Nehemiah: Thank you for your time and really appreciate it.

Wola: You’re welcome it is great speaking with you.

Coward’s highlights:

Senior season (2016)

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Junior season (2015)

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All-conference awards and weekly awards by Coward can be seen here