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Ray Lewis comments on Tom Brady and dumb New England Patriots’ fans accuse him of murder on Twitter

Since everyone these days is against, “fake news” how about New England fans educate themselves and stop calling Ray Lewis a murderer?

AFC Championship - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Ray Lewis saw what we all saw during the AFC Divisional playoff game between the New England Patriots and the Houston Texans tonight. Patriots QB Tom Brady gets hit and of course he proceeds to complain to the referees about why there is no flag on the play like he is notorious for doing.

Ray responds to Brady’s actions following the hit and of course, Patriots’ fans run to attack Ray on twitter accusing him of murder like an ignorant person would. Just read the replies to Ray’s tweet.

Ray Lewis can’t comment on anything whether it is on social media or on TV without an ignorant person accusing him of murder which is a crime he did not commit in 2000. I’m not going to go into deep detail about this because I explained this last year in this link when Clay Travis would go on irresponsible rants calling Ray a double murderer and Clay is actually a guy who studies law.

Since it is very popular for a lot of people these days to whine to the media about how they are tired of, “fake news” how about people educate themselves (especially Patriots’ fans in this case) about the trial involving Ray in 2000 which showed zero evidence that he killed anybody? I know reading is hard for a lot of people these days to the extent where people won’t even bother to click on the link I provided above. But try.

On a side note, I don’t even know how Patriots’ fans have the audacity to accuse another athlete of murder when Aaron Hernandez (who is actually guilty of murder) played for the Patriots and was drafted by the team despite all of the red flags he had coming out of college.