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An equally disappointing end to a shameful Baltimore Ravens season

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Not a chance in hell these Ravens were going to be filled with fire; their passion stolen from Antonio Brown’s outstretched arm. Today though, was the Ravens leaving the 2016-2017 season with a whimper. Only a handful of players truly wanted anything to do with Week 17. In another scenario I’d understand, but this was the end of a Hall-of-Fame players career. The last time Agent 89 suited up, forever.


Mike Wallace: 4
Steve Smith Sr.: 5
Breshad Perriman: 8
Dennis Pitta: 16

Smith Sr. is absolutely game-planned around and the Bengals wanted to limit him. I get that and fans should as well, but this is a game where your playmakers need to be involved. The teams number one receiver being involved on five plays isn’t making sense in a game you throw fifty passes. Another note, overtargeting Pitta needs to end. Chemistry with the tight end is great, but Flacco’s crutch is clear. The Bengals saw it many times.

At this point, Ravens fans are happy to be done with the season. Too many pathetic displays on all sides of the ball equate to not deserving a chance at post-season glory. From the failed coaching decisions, losing to the Jets, bad playmaking, injuries and the unending list I can continue, the season is complete. We all wish through free agency and the upcoming NFL Draft this Baltimore Ravens franchise can steer this ship back on course.