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For Ravens, playing key starters brings no benefit

What's a meaningless win as compared to an ACL?

Philadelphia Eagles v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Joe Flacco, Terrell Suggs and Marshall Yanda are all slated to play against the Cincinnati Bengals in this week 17 tilt. There is nothing on the line. The season is over.

But for whatever the reason may be, the Baltimore Ravens are putting its three best and most important players and leaders at risk this coming Sunday. If Flacco were to once again tear his ACL due to James Hurst's ineptitude, there would be no amount of legitimate excuses to justify the disaster.

Terrell Suggs' importance to the defense, and to the overall swagger and attitude of the team is well documented. The train wreck that was the 2015 defense is still fresh in fans' minds. Yet Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is putting them at risk, with absolutely nothing to gain. What should be the consequences if there was something to happen to the Ravens stars?

It is unforeseeable and against all logic to have the star players play over a half, if not a quarter. Even then, the cost of losing one of the more important players outweighs the rewards of winning a meaningless game by miles.

Harbaugh and the Ravens organization better pray for fortune. This situation could turn into a colossal mistake that there would be no coming back from.