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RB Justin Forsett to re-sign with the Baltimore Ravens

Pandemonium. What felt like roster exodus included a completely blindsided cut, Ravens RB Justin Forsett was cut.

Nobody expected this, with the Ravens depth chart sitting at two healthy running backs after the cut. Yet, a weird glimmer of hope.

Jamison Hensley and Jeff Zrebiec both telling all Ravens fans that the tailback isn’t done in Baltimore.

And after all the chaos today has become, it is official:

Justin Forsett brings a lot to the Ravens offense. His pass blocking skills are tops on the team, and it’s completely vital to the Ravens success. While rookie lineman Ronnie Stanley and Alex Lewis prove to be the next big thing, they won’t be able to shut out everybody. Justin Forsett laying a block or picking up the blitz is critical. Joe Flacco needs protection, and Forsett, all 5’9” of him, is a protector. Oh yeah, and he’s rushed for 1,900 yards in two seasons, scoring ten touchdowns on the ground.