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Purple Wedding survivors: Ravens who made the 53 man roster

San Francisco 49ers v Baltimore Ravens

The ‘Purple Wedding’ has come to a close, and many Ravens are no longer on the roster, but a select bubble players did in fact clinch a spot on the 53.

Kendrick Lewis - I had himon the fence at 53rd or 54th on my predictions. Did not expect Baltimore to cut Terrence Brooks and keep him though.

James Hurst - The most surprising player on this roster in my mind, James Hurst has not proven himself worth a spot on the roster. In my eyes, and many other reporters, Hurst was outperformed by Ronnie Stanley, Alex Lewis and Ricky Wagner. Vladimir Ducasse also pressured him. Hurst’s play has been criticized greatly, and not many expected him to pass the first round of cuts.

Michael Pierce - A shining spot for the Ravens, many hoped after his final preseason game his case was made for a contract. The undrafted free agent scored a strip-sack touchdown and the Ravens approved.

Ryan Mallett - Not many truly believed he would be dethroned, and as the dust settles Mallett sits behind Joe Flacco.

Javorius Allen - Once the odd man out, Javorius Allen is one of two healthy tailbacks on the roster. Nobody expected Buck to stay and Justin Forsett to leave.

Ryan Jensen - Somebody I did have on the team as a depth guard/center, it’s great to see the tough redhead providing Baltimore with some ferocity.

Sheldon Price - In my book he was the person to edge out Kendrick Lewis for the 53 spot, instead they both have made the roster. He’s raw but a prototypical size and speed for CB play.

Maurice Canady - Expected to make the roster once healthy, but it was concerning at the beginning of training camp.

Chris Carter - The veteran linebacker managed to squeeze his way onto the roster. I definitely did not have him on the team.